Triangles are my favourite shape...

...3 points, where 2 lines meet.
This blog is dedicated to my favourite singer, the wonderful Ellie Goulding, and my awesome favourite band Bastille.
Thanks for visiting it.
I'm a huge Goulddigger and Stormer! (But I think you have already noticed that) :-)
I also love Marina & The Diamonds, The Killers, Florence and the Machine, Rita Ora, The 1975 and Calvin Harris....
You'll love this blog if you love these musicians!
I post some other things I like, too.

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*violently head bobs* ALL THIS BAD BLOOD HERE *jumps on table* WONT YOU LET IT DRY *flips the table* ITS BEEN COLD FOR YEARS *karate kicks the wall* WONT YOU LET IT LIE

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do you ever watch a movie and realize you have to watch it again because you were on your phone the whole time

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Burn (Live at BRITs 2014) - Ellie Goulding

Actually “I Need Your Love / Burn”